Character Biography: Who Is Hyūga Hinata?

Character Biography: Who Is Hyūga Hinata?

Introduce the character

Character Biography: Who Is Hyūga Hinata?

Hyūga Hinata (Japanese name: う ず ま き ヒ ナ タ, 日 向) is a kunoichi and former head of the Hyūga clan. Hinata’s father disqualified her inheritance after realizing that with her meek nature, Hinata would hardly lead the tribe or become a true ninja.

However, with perseverance and determination not to surrender that she learned from Uzumaki Naruto, Hinata became stronger, daring to change himself step by step as a member of Team 8. A few years later In the fight, Hinata married Naruto and gave him two children.


Hinata is the eldest daughter of Hyūga Hiashi. In her childhood, Hinata was almost kidnapped by the Chief Ninja of the Cloud Village, who pretended to visit Leaf Village on the grounds of signing a peace agreement between the two villages. Hiashi kills him and rescues Hinata, placing the first stone for a series of events later, called “Hyūga incident”.

Being the daughter of the head of the Hyūga clan, Hinata was raised to become the next patriarch and the family also looked forward to her. However, Hinata’s father soon suspected that Hinata would be unsuitable to become his successor, witnessing Hinata struggling against the harsh exercise regime he set, and especially the timid personality. making her unable to really break through.

He began to rethink her inheritance after realizing that the outstanding talent was gradually revealed in Hanabi, Hinata’s younger sister. In the anime, Hinata and Hanabi pitted against each other to decide who will one day lead the Hyūga clan. Unlike Hanabi, Hinata did not want to hurt her sister and was defeated by her father’s disappointment. Hinata was later disqualified and raised by Kurenai Yūhi to become a genin.

After Naruto regained consciousness, Hinata thanked him for his help and returned the towel to Naruto, but Naruto told her to keep it. From then on, Hinata began secretly following Naruto, knowing of Naruto’s desire to be recognized and the hardships he had to go through to overcome the stigma and scornful eyes of the villagers.

Despite this, Naruto never lost confidence in himself or gave up his dream of becoming a Hokage. Hinata was inspired and began to follow Naruto, learning by his unwavering surrender, as an attempt to get her father’s recognition. In the anime, the Hyūga elders recognized the feelings Hinata gave to Naruto and warned her to stay away from him.

Characters’ personalities

Character Biography: Who Is Hyūga Hinata?Hinata is a polite girl, always calling people in honorifics. She is kind, selfish and interested in emotions as well as the health of others. Hinata doesn’t like to argue no matter what. This is the reason why Hinata always looks timid and shy, her overflowing kindness makes her dare not react to her fear of upsetting her opponent.

Hiashi’s efforts to force his daughter to change her mood made the situation worse, making Hinata day less confident and shy, because she herself did not believe in thoughts and opinions. own. However, despite being disqualified, Hinata still loved his family, she “agreed” to Toneri’s proposal to save Hanabi, knowing it would hurt Naruto.

Character appearanceCharacter Biography: Who Is Hyūga Hinata?


Hinata owns the Byakugan (White Label), so has white pupils with no pupil (the eyes of the Hyūga in the anime are slightly purple). She has charcoal purple hair and usually has flat roofs. In part I, Hinata has short hair, flat bangs on his forehead, with both sides of his hair reaching his chin, covering his face. Coming to the second part, her hair has reached the middle of her back, while the sideburns touch her shoulders.

In the movie The Last: Naruto, she put her hair too long. Hinata, at an adult age, tied his ponytail, but then switched to a bob-like shoulder-length head. Her body to Part II has become more sexy, with charming curves. Naruto and Ōtsutsuki Toneri commented that Hinata was an extremely beautiful person when he was an adult.

In Part I, Hinata often wears a cream-colored jacket, with a flame-shaped symbol on the sleeves and fur on the edges. She wore navy blue pants and tied her forehead protective bandage. In Part II, she wears a large, hooded, purple jacket with cream on the outside of the mesh armor.

She wears charcoal purple pants, sandals in black and changes her forehead protection tape from green to black. She switched to the Leaf Village uniform as a green infantry jacket with other standardized clothes in the Fourth Ring War, but did not wear a forehead protector.

In the anime movie The Last: Naruto, Hinata’s on-road outfit consists of a pale purple underarm kimono with straight stripes and a big obi belt, dark purple on the hips. She wore navy blue shorts and thigh-length net stockings, wearing a black high-heeled boots instead of the usual ninja sandals.

Below the dress is short pants, lace and black sandals. She also wears a black headscarf, beneath the black / gold bridal veil, and her earrings recommend a crescent moon. She wears a white traditional kimono on the day of wedding Naruto. Going to Boruto: Naruto the Movie, Hinata often wears a light purple short-sleeved jacket, white long-sleeved shirt above the pink shirt, light brown shorts and open-toed purple boots. In the manga Boruto, Hinata wears a necklace, with a symbol of the Uzumaki house above.


Hinata’s meek, indecisive personality often negatively affected her achievement in the Hyūga training sessions, causing her to eventually be deprived of her inheritance by her father because she was too weak and unworthy. with the responsibility of a female patriarch.

After graduating from the Leaf Village Academy, she devoted herself to training to become stronger and frequently praised by her teammates for her outstanding progress in skills and psychological stability. Hinata thus becomes more assertive when faced with great threats for the sake of others, such as plunging into Pain’s Heavenly Path to protect Naruto, making him also recognize her power. 

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