Haruno Sakura

Haruno Sakura

Haruno Sakura is one of the Chuunin-level kunoichi of Leaf Village and a member of Team Kakashi.


Haruno Sakura

When she was at the ninja academy, Sakura was a girl who was self-deprecating and guilty of being bullied. Her classmate always teased her wide forehead, she used her bangs to cover her forehead, so her appearance became even more grim. Later, Sakura meets Yamanaka Ino, protected by Ino from bullies and they become close friends. Ino gave Sakura a red ribbon to tie her hair and advised her: Although she possesses a large forehead, Sakura has a cute face, so she should highlight it instead of covering her forehead. . Ino also helps Sakura become more confident to express her own abilities. However, after Sakura knew Ino also liked Sasuke like her, she ended her friendship with Ino, to help them compete fairly. Since then, Ino often calls Sakura “forehead” and Sakura nicknames Ino “Ino pig” (because Ino’s name in Japanese means pig.

Her outstanding personality for all readers is her violence and violence. Unlike her lovely name “Sakura” and her slender, feminine appearance, she uses muscle strength. corn in battle and every time she gets angry, she is not “shy” to lower her legs and hands with everything, the victim is usually Naruto (the regular partner is by her side). because her anger was harmless because if it was a real hit, Naruto would not have been intact until the end of the story. It was easy to see that she was a strong girl, but in the depths of her soul she was weak and fragile. Sometimes she was crushed by Sasuke’s love, but she could still lift her spirits and continue fighting. au.Dieu it easy to see through her mature over time.

Sakura is also quite progressive. Despite being born into a normal family, her parents are not ninja, her initial potential is just a smart head and a theoretical understanding. At the beginning of Part I, she caused quite an annoyance for the audience when she only cared about her love and didn’t practice. But by the end of Part I, she had significant changes in her will. After beginning to notice her weakness and irresponsibility for a future ninja, she asked Tsunade to accept that she was a student and practiced non-stop for two and a half years

By the end of Part I, her efforts did not stop, and the results improved markedly when Sakura teamed up with Chiyo to defeat Sasori, a very strong member of the Akatsuki organization. More than anyone else, when placed as Sasuke’s partner and Naruto (the second most powerful character in the series), she does not allow herself to be too inferior to them. Looking at the past in Part I, she always felt that she was incompetent when she always had to fight under the protection of Sasuke and Naruto. So she always tried hard to prove herself worthy of team 7 and that at least she could protect herself without someone else’s protection.

At the end of the story, after much hard work, she also used the jutsu and did not hesitate to rush straight into Madara to challenge her powers, but her attack was unsuccessful. Because Madara is too strong. However, it still proved her ability as Madara thought “She was almost immortal”. This detail is annoying to many readers, especially her anti-fans, but for many others it is a big step to prove she can compare like one of the three members of the team ” New Sannin “.


Haruno Sakura

Starting the story, Sakura is very fond of Uchiha Sasuke, fascinated by Sasuke’s handsome, smart, cool and talented appearance. So Sakura tries to be charming when she’s around Sasuke to get Sasuke’s attention. When the story goes on and she spends more time with Sasuke and Naruto, then Sakura worries that Sasuke will one day leave her and leave the village to find strength. When her fear is true at the end of part 1 Sakura does everything she can to stop Sasuke from leaving, she expresses her feelings for him and asks to go along because she loves him more than anything in the world. . But Sasuke did not pay any attention to Sakura from the beginning and he did not accept her feelings, he finally left and just left a saying “obnoxious”.

Since then, Sakura has set her own goal of not loving Sasuke anymore, it’s Sakura that we see in Part II. Although she still thinks of Sasuke, she is ready to use Sasuke to bring Sasuke back. Sasuke was gradually becoming a different person, a criminal being chased, Sakura realizing that he had to stop Sasuke at all costs. She also told Naruto that Sasuke no longer had room in her heart and that if she cared about Sasuke, it would only be more painful. However, Sai and Kakashi believe that she still has feelings for Sasuke and she just doesn’t want Sasuke to fall further. Facing Sasuke once more, Sakura suffered from Sasuke’s change and tried to kill him. But she was weakly unable to do it, remembering the memories that Team 7 went through together. She learned that the only person who could stop Sasuke could only be Naruto.


Haruno Sakura

In Part I, it was almost impossible to see Sakura’s ability to develop art. Although she seems to have mastered some basic ninja techniques, Sakura still lacks a personal mark on the rest of Team 7. Her teacher, Hatake Kakashi, notes that Sakura is a very lazy girl and doesn’t She did nothing but come to Part II, she was only given a Mrs. Tsunade – the Fifth Hokage taught how to use it and even turned it into an advantage for her.

Until Shippuden part. After training with Tsunade for two and a half years, Sakura gained two abilities based on her chakra control. The first is the healing technique, helping her to be a medical ninja in her group. Second, she has the ability to put chakra on her body parts, causing great damage. In addition to being able to virtually immerse herself in magic and poison. As a fake ring, who is heavily dependent on a ninja for healing to survive, Sakura has to avoid fighting opponents. just keep them out of range. In Part II, she teamed up with Mrs. Chiyo – a counselor of Sand Village to defeat Sasori. During the great battle with Obito Uchiha near the end of the story, Sakura summoned a healing party – Katsuyu, rescuing a half-ninja from the Five Great Kage alliance. When clashing with Kaguya Otsutsuki, Sakura’s strongest and final opponent, Sakura teamed up with Naruto and Sasuke to defeat her, Kaguya seal and protect the ninja world. In the databook, she is considered the strongest female ninja in the series

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