Hatake Sakumo – Konoha White Fang

Hatake Sakumo - Konoha White Fang

Sakumo Hatake is famous for the name of the Leaf’s White Fang. He is considered a very powerful ninja. The name Sakumo was first mentioned in the first episodes of Naruto Shippuden when Chiyo mistakenly received Kakashi as the White Fang. However, since then, even when this anime has ended, we still don’t know much about this mysterious character. In the past, Sakumo decided to abandon a mission to save his teammates.

The Fire Nation was extremely indignant at his actions. Even those rescued by Sakumo also voiced criticism of his shinobi status. This incident caused him to fall into deep depression, and in the end, Sakumo Hatake ended himself.

Hatake Sakumo - Konoha White Fang


This event had a profound effect on Kakashi’s life and way of thinking later. It makes him always follow the rules of the shinobi world, even if he has to leave a teammate in need. Kakashi never let emotions and relationships affect his mission until Obito helped him realize the true importance of friendship.

Sakumo’s past is explained quite thoroughly and clearly. However, his true strength is still a big question mark.

Sakumo is considered one of the most elite ninja in Konoha’s history. It is thought that his true power even overshadowed the shinobi known as the Legendary Three Ninjas.

Hatake Sakumo - Konoha White Fang

This means that he is really a very strong person. Tam Nin is Konoha’s most prominent shinobi in the Second Great Ring War. It is not a small challenge to beat or even fight with these ninja. Moreover, according to Minato, no one can rival Sakumo in his time. The characteristic weapon of Sakumo is a chakra sword.

His reputation spread across continents. In the Third Great Ring of War, a shinobi from Stone Village was extremely frightened when he thought Kakashi was a White Fang.

Hatake Sakumo - Konoha White Fang

Even the Fire Nation Lords are pleased with Kakashi’s title as the Sixth Hokage when he learns that he is Sakumo’s son. From that point on, Sakumo could easily become a Hokage from his power.

Moreover, Konoha White Fang is an extremely famous name. Chiyo’s old Lady of Sand Village deeply hated him because he was the one who killed Sasori’s parents.

However, Sakumo is not only known for its strength. He was always admired by his way of behaving.

Hatake Sakumo - Konoha White Fang

The decision to save his teammates instead of continuing his assigned task was a great source of motivation for shinobi like Obito and Kakashi on their way. The way of life of Sakumo has inspired the younger generation, especially Naruto Uzumaki, who never gave up his friend Sasuke Uchiha.

In the shinobi world, those who break the rules will be considered scum, but those who leave their comrades in danger are not even equal to scum. Therefore, a shinobi can put a friendship, a friendship that is on one’s own life, is far more precious and respectable than a shinobi that can overcome the legendary Tam Nin.

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