Interesting Things About Nagato / Pain Maybe You Don’t Know Yet ( Part 1 )

Interesting Things About Nagato / Pain Maybe You Don't Know Yet ( Part 1 )

Nagato often operated with the alias Pain to stand out as the leader of the world’s most dangerous crime level organization Akatsuki. Pain also proclaimed himself a god and became the leader of the Rainy Village after the country ended the civil war. Pain’s ability is also unique and his strength is also one of the opponents in the anime / manga Naruto. Here are the first 10 of the 20 interesting details that fans need to know about this character!


1. When Jiraiya alone entered the rain village to learn and destroy the leader of the Akatsuki organization, he met his former student. Here, 2 teachers and students had a life-and-death battle, and also the first time viewers could see the paths of Pain.


2. Pain (Nagato) is one of the most powerful characters in the world of Naruto rings due to the eyes of the Rinnegan god who can create 6 powerful hexagons.


3. Nagato has divided her power into 6 bodies from the corpses known as the Green Tree. Each body represents a path in the Six Paths of Samsara that is inspired by Buddhism including: Heavenly Dao, Atula Dao, Animal Enlightenment, Hell’s Path, Human Path, The Devil’s Path. Almost all of Nagato’s activities were through the Heavenly Path and when the power of the Sixth Regiment was concentrated in Heaven, this time of the body was the most powerful.

4. On every Sunday, Nagato will stop the rain from falling in memory of her late friend Yahiko


5. Nagato used the reincarnation of the pagan to revive those who were killed in Konohagakure after being brainwashed by Naruto. This ninjutsu requires a lot of chakra, so Nagato is exhausted and dies.


6. Naguto often expresses compassion for those who accept defeat and gives advice and explanation about the pain to his opponent before making a move. But when Pain was resurrected by Kabuto by forbidding the Art of Abandonment, he was no longer like that.


7. Although life has gone through many events that led to changes in psychology, thoughts and personality, Nagato’s nature is still a good person. The evidence is that during Akatsuki meetings, whenever the members quarreled, Nagato always stood up and removed the frictions, calm things down. He also always reminded each member to create good relationships with each other. Especially when every member is sacrificed for Akatsuki’s mission, Pain shows compassion for them.

8. Nagato in the Heavenly Pain form (Yahiko’s body) used to be the leader and the strongest person in the world’s most dangerous criminal organization Akatsuki ring until Madara (Obito Uchiha posed) appeared.


9. Nagato can use charka to link and manipulate 6 hexagons of Pain through chakra transmitters built throughout the body at a certain distance. He hid his real body in a secret place and silently controlled the 6 Continents to follow his will. By using the bodies of the dead to fight directly, Nagato did not need to personally go to battle, so if he failed, he would be unharmed.

10. Nagato is also the only incumbent member who never wears the Akatsuki organization’s uniform and wears a forehead protective band symbolizing Ninja’s village until death. However, when Nagato used Luc Dao Pain to operate in Akatsuki, the bodies were wearing the uniform of the organization and wearing the forehead protection band of Rain Village.

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