Nagato – Pain

Nagato - Pain


Nagato Living with her parents is Ise and Fuso in a small house on the outskirts of Rain Village. When he was young, Uchiha Madara secretly implanted his Rinnegan eye without the consent of Nagato’s parents.

Trio and Jiraiya

Nagato - Pain

After that tragedy he left the house, wandering in search of food and shelter. Until he collapsed due to hunger, due to the current situation, no one helped him until he was found by two children: Yahiko and Konan. Both are orphans and always struggle to live. All three rely on each other, steal food and share the dream of becoming the god of the world if war continues and use their power to eliminate the war (at first it was only the dream of Yahiko alone until they fall into battle between the Leaf Village sannin and Hanzo, their dog Tiny is killed). To fulfill their dreams, all three must become fake rings. After the battle, the three children came to meet the three sannins, initially asking for food only, then yahiko boldly asked them to teach them magic. Orochimaru intended to kill all three because they thought their lives were very hard, it would be better to kill them right then. But Jiraya decided to stay until they could take care of themselves.

Jiraya is very careful in teaching magic for all three. But soon, the children were attacked by a ninja, when Yahiko was near death, Nagato unconsciously used the power of the rinnegan to kill the ninja. After that, Jiraiya began to teach magic to all three and believed that he was the child in prophecy. But Nagato felt fear of her own strength, he was tormented by guilt and believed that he had done something wrong. At that time, Jiraiya told him that thanks to him, Yahiko was still alive, that was the right thing, no one could blame him.

iraiya and the child are very intimate with each other, Jiraya and the three wear fake toads and set the code for the wooden panels, if the white is out (he even misses the toad painting), and Red blood is at home. Then three years later, when the three were physically and mentally mature, Jiraiya told the trio of stories about the Six Paths of the Noble Truth, believing in a peaceful world for Nagato and then leaving, the wooden name Jiraiya is turned to white …

Established Akatsuki

After Jiraiya left, the trio formed Akatsuki with the leader, Yahiko, with the desire to bring peace without relying on force. This message is popular and organized with more and more members. In the second great ninja war, Obito under the guise of Madara approached the trio according to Madara’s intention to use Nagato’s Rinnegan power to execute the eternal Tsukuyomi plan. Nagato was shaken by the words of “Madara” but Yahiko said that “Madara” was only taking advantage of them and refused to cooperate.

When Hanzo, the leader of Amerakuge with his skeptical personality heard the rumor about Akatsuki, it was impossible to ignore the organization. He told the trio that he wanted to ask Akatsuki to win a peace treaty between the three nations, the trio believed it and decided to help him. But they were too inexperienced, it was just a trap to extinguish Akatsuki. Hanzo and Danzo shook hands to kill them. Hanzo arrested Konan, asking Nagato to kill Yahiko to save Konan. Despite Konan’s protests, Yahiko voluntarily took Nagato’s hand, which was stabbing the kunai into her, so that her friend didn’t have to make a terrible decision. Just like when his parents died, Nagato was angry, but this time it was not an outburst of power, the evil devil’s idol. Although fighting against Hanzo and Danzō, Nagato became thin again and was stabbed with black stakes on her back and her disabled legs. He then becomes the new leader of Akatsuki.

New Akatsuki

After the first battle with Hanzo, Nagato severed his connection with the Rainy Village by slitting the forehead protection band. Yahiko’s death caused Nagato to believe that his previous philosophy of achieving peace was foolish, would never have been peace and what Jiraiya said was nothing more than a dream. Due to the damage in the first battle with Hanzo, NAgato became weak and immobile. He created 6 Pain from the corpse that could be remote controlled (see also in Rinnegan). He used Yahiko as the Heavenly Path to lead the spirit. He began to change Akatsuki in a new direction, accepting Obito’s earlier thought about a perfect world. Akatsuki became a mercenary group with S-level ninjas to earn money for its long-term plan. In the Rain village, Nagato overthrew Hanzo and was called by the villagers to be called God because of his terrible power. He controlled the Village, killed all of Hanzo’s retainers and made the outsider mistakenly believe that the Rain Village was still in civil war. Every Sunday Nagato will end the continuous rain as a tribute to Yahiko.


Nagato - Pain

As a child, Nagato was a sensitive boy who easily cried because of his pain or others. When he met Yahiko, he tried to break this habit by listening to Yahiko that crying would not change anything, but he failed. Later, Jiraiya told him that the sensitivity was also a power, which helped him understand the pain and easily sympathize with others.

Growing up, after the death of Yahiko and his friends in similar wars, Nagato argued that hatred would still exist when humans existed and what Jiraiya said was nothing more than a dream, ideal. that one day Jiraiya’s understanding will be outdated, he begins to follow the path Obito said. Since then, he has become cold, cruel, serious and aloof. Nagato already had an aversion to the Konohagakure caused by what the Konohagakure had to him despite Jiraiya’s influence improving her thinking that it was becoming more and more hateful for the sake of peace. build on the sacrifices of the states. He identified himself as a god, believing that he understood the true meaning of pain and suffering. He believes that death can be justified if it serves a more long-term purpose. He did not agonize when he killed Jiraiya, who was once his master because he was obstructing his goal, although Nagato still spent a moment of silence because of Jiraiya’s respect for power. When he met Kakashi, Nagato said that he was honored to meet such a strong person even though Nagato determined to kill Kakashi because that power would harm Akatsuki. Nagato was also a good leader, he mourned the dead members because of his duties, rebuked when the members quarreled and did not accept the way of calling ridicule among the members.

In the end, Nagato was persuaded by Naruto, revived for the Leaf Village villagers. And when summoned by Kabuto’s reincarnation technique he became so relaxed that he could joke.

Nagato - Pain

Currently, the Rinnegan’s ability is unknown. However, with the abilities revealed in the current Naruto series, the Rinnegan has an immense ability, but it is most obvious that the Six-headed fairy used the Rinnegan to create the moon. The power of the Rinnegan is also said to be strong enough to save or destroy the world. The Rinnegan allows the user to own all of the basic chakra so the user can use all magic in the world. Like Byakugan and Sharingan, the Rinnegan also increases visibility for users.

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