Rock Lee

Shikamaru Nara

Rock Lee (ロ ッ ク ・ リ ー) is a shinobi of the Lee clan of Leaf Village, a member of Team Guy. He could not use magic or magic, so he joined Mr. Might Guy’s special training course, becoming a sports master when he was just a genin.

Characters’ personalities

Shikamaru Nara

Under Master Guy’s lead, Lee studied his character and became active, optimistic, enthusiastic and a good example of a “good guy”. He believed that no one in the world would like food and promised to do it.

Whenever he couldn’t make a deal, he would rush to practice to prevent this from happening again. Lee always speaks kindly, never uses off or swear words, addresses people in honorifics (except for teammates, because Lee feels they are close enough to be able to talk normally ). He always had a small notebook and pencil to record or reread Guy’s advice to him.Lee often focuses heavily on his immediate work and rarely loses his temper. He is a person who values ​​honor and respects the opponent, does not resent the one who defeated him and is always grateful. The most obvious proof is that Lee made friends and forgave Gaara, who broke his limbs, causing him to almost give up his dream of being a ninja. Lee thinks that everyone should respect his opponent and feel disgusting whenever someone tortures an opponent unnecessarily.

One of the main topics surrounding Lee is his determination to succeed. Lee believes that just by persevering and hardworking, he can overcome a genius. On the other hand, he was also disappointed when he failed. Neji – Lee’s good teammate and rival – thinks his efforts are useless, that a “product” will never be able to defeat a “genius”.

So Lee was more determined to defeat Neji to prove he was wrong, although he was defeated by Neji every time. When Neji was defeated at the hands of another “loser” Uzumaki Naruto, he changed his mind about fate and now highly respects Lee, believing he will overcome genius if he works hard. In Part I, Lee fell in love with Haruno Sakura. Although Sakura does not respond to his feelings and at first criticizes him oddly, she becomes more friendly with Lee after being rescued from the Sound Village’s genin during the Chūnin examination.

After the exam, Lee’s feelings are hardly mentioned in the manga, although sometimes mentioned in the anime, such as when fighting Lee, Naruto turned into Sakura and when Lee was distracted and attacked. In the Eternal Tsukuyomi’s dream, Lee dreamed that he had captured Sakura’s heart, proving that he still secretly missed her. This sentiment is no longer available when Lee becomes an adult, he is married to another and has a son named Metal Lee.

Appearance character

Shikamaru Nara

Lee owns short, sleek black hair, big eyes with lashes and thick eyebrows, making him nicknamed “Deep Eyebrow”. Lee was a young man with a pigtail hair, but when he joined Team Guy, he cut his hair short, leaving the crown upwards. Lee originally wore a white kimono, wearing a martial arts belt and black pants, looking at him like a Chinese boy. He also wears forehead protection bandages and ninja sandals.

Lee later changed his appearance, becoming like his master and idol teacher, Teacher Guy. He now has an upright bowl style, a green jumpsuit suit, orange warm socks and a red forehead protection band at the waist as a belt. He sealed the bandage from his arm to his fingers to cover the scratches from the practice.

Just like Guy, his appearance almost never changed. He only wears a Leaf Village’s signature bulletproof armor when he goes to chūnin in Part II, and changes to a new model in The Last: Naruto the Movie. The mature Lee had become quite athletic with his high cheekbones, he wore a sleeveless jumpsuit and a warm orange-colored scarf.

Strength and Power

During his time at the Academy, Lee’s study results were very flat because he could not perform magic or magic. Guy realizes that Lee is also in trouble and is determined to change as a child, so he recruits him as a disciple, encouraging and training him to become an outstanding ninja.Under Guy’s tutelage, Lee greatly strengthened in Part I, as evidenced by his defeat of a genius like Uchiha Sasuke, making it difficult for Gaara to take the Chūnin exam and hold out for a long time before Kimimaro until when Gaara appeared.

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