Uchiha Itachi – Sinner or hero?

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The one who massacred both the Uchiha clan, but also prevented Kabuto, disarmed the Transcendent Earth King to save the Ninja world. Is Itachi really a hero or a sinner?

Uchiha Itachi is a genius of the Uchiha clan, Uchiha Sasuke’s brother and one of the most popular characters. Itachi has the most intricate, intricate intrigue of the story when he murdered his entire clan to protect Konoha, protecting his younger brother and turning himself into a wanted ninja. Itachi left a lot of commitment in the story, both in talent and high sacrifice. In this article, let’s analyze the Uchita Itachi – “genius of all geniuses”.

Uchiha Itachi

Itachi joined Anbu at a very young age, at which point the ANBU leader was none other than Hatake Kakashi. The two had a time to stand side by side with the mission and could be regarded as friends. This, Uchiha Shisui – a close friend of Itachi who was harmed by Danzō and stole an eye, Shisui entrusted the remaining eye to Itachi with a warning to use it to protect the village. The death of Uchiha Shisui caused Itachi to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan but became more closed and lonely. Itachi became a double agent for Leaf and the Uchiha clan, until he made an important decision to make his life turn in another direction.

When conflict between the Uchiha clan and the irreducible Leaf village, Itachi decided to take the difficult responsibility: He would destroy the Uchiha clan alone to eliminate the risk of war. That night, Itachi murdered all members of the Uchiha clan, except for the younger brother he wholeheartedly loved – Uchiha Sasuke. Itachi left the village and became a wanted S. ninja.

Uchiha Itachi - Sinner or hero?

After leaving the village, Itachi Uchiha joined Akatsuki – the greatest terrorist organization of all time to gather information and spies. Here, he became one of Akatsuki’s strongest members. Itachi often acted with Hoshigaki Kisame with the aim of collecting the beasts. During this time Itachi also encountered several times with Leaf Village members, even with Sasuke … But deep down he was always watching his younger brother.

What must come finally comes, the battle between the Uchiha brothers takes place. At the tomb of the Uchiha clan, Itachi and Sasuke had a proper contest with a lot of skillful and skillful displays. This is one of the best matches in the series. When the match was about to collapse, Orochimaru slipped out of Sasuke under his eight-headed snake form, Itachi used the sword Totsuka to pierce him and seal him in the sword’s magic. Exhausted, he approached Sasuke and pressed his forehead with his finger (the goal was to transfer all of Sasuke’s labels) and collapsed.

Uchiha Itachi - Sinner or hero?

During the 4th great ninja war, Itachi Uchiha was revived by Kabuto with the reincarnated Uekan art along with many other rolling characters. Kabuto wanted to take advantage of Itachi’s power to counter the fake ring alliance. However, with his intelligence, Itachi escaped Kabuto’s control thanks to Shisui’s eyes and accompanied Naruto to seal Pain. Itachi then took responsibility to find the man behind the incident. On the way to find Kabuto, Itachi met Sasuke and the two brothers took down Kabuto. After sealing Kabuto, the Reincarnated Earth King was demolished, before Itachi left, saying that he couldn’t change Sasuke’s thoughts and no matter what, he loved him forever.

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